Suren Sritharan

I am a research assistant at the Sri Lanka Technological Campus, where I work on computer vision-related research. I am also volunteering at the University of Peradeniya: COVID Research Group which focuses on combatting the issues caused by the pandemic, through AI and computer vision. I recently graduated from the University of Peradeniya with a B.Sc specializing in Computer Engineering. Apart from research, I am also interested in competitive programming, and I love travelling.

Throughout my undergraduate studies, I was fortunate to be advised by many fantastic researchers. Most recently, I have been working with Prof. Janaka Ekanayake and Prof. Samath Dharmaratne on the potential of AI for COVID-19 related applications. Previously, for my final year research project, I worked with Prof. Roshan Ragel, Dr. Roshan Godaliyadda, Dr. Parakrama Ekanayake, and Dr. Vijitha Herath on image quality enhancement under low/high exposure conditions. During my internship at Nokia Bell Labs, I had the privilege of working with Prof. Haris Gačanin. I have been collaborating remotely since, and I completed a project on the application of machine learning models for dynamic wireless networks.

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I'm interested in machine learning, computer vision, and their application in other domains. Most of my current research focuses on image quality enhancement, in the presence of varying illumination and noise. Besides, I am also working on a cross-domain research in the intersection of computer vision and community medicine which focuses on quantifying the risk associated with congested areas during pandemics. Before that, I was involved in an application-oriented machine learning research for wireless communication. I have explored a broad area of research topics around machine learning and vision during my undergraduate period, and some of my publications are mentioned below.

ga_b5g Use of Artificial Intelligence on spatio-temporal data to generate insights during COVID-19 pandemic: A Review
Gihan Jayatilaka, Jameel Hassan, Umar Marikkar, Rumali Perera, Suren Sritharan, Harshana Weligampola, Mevan Ekanayake, Roshan Godaliyadda, Parakrama Ekanayake, Vijitha Herath Dilshan Godaliyadda, Anuruddhika Rathnayake, Samath D. Dharmaratne, Janaka Ekanayake
medRxiv, 2020

Review of the use of AI techniques for spatio-temporal modeling, forecasting, and impact modeling on diverse populations as it relates to COVID-19 and its potential for future applications.

ga_b5g A Study on Deep Learning for Latency Constraint Applications in Beyond 5G Wireless Systems
Suren Sritharan, Harshana Weligampola, Haris Gačanin
IEEE Access, 2020

Study of the practical limitations of learning models in a dynamic wireless environment.

A Retinex Based GAN Pipeline to Utilize Paired and Unpaired Datasets for Enhancing Low Light Images
Harshana Weligampola, Gihan Jayatilaka, Suren Sritharan, Roshan Godaliyadda, Parakrama Ekanayake, Roshan Ragel, Vijitha Herath
Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference (MERCon), 2020

Low light image enhancement utilizing paired and unpaired dataset using cyclic consistency.

Generalizing Foreground Estimation Algorithms in Dynamic Background Conditions [ABSTRACT]
Gihan Jayatilaka*, Suren Sritharan*, Harshana Weligampola*, Dhammika Elkaduwe, Roshan Godaliyadda, Parakrama Ekanayake, Vijitha Herath Nalin Harishchandra
Sri Lanka Technological Campus International Research Conference (SLTC irc), 2020
abstract / github

Foreground estimation through background cancellation in dynamic background conditions based on classical signal processing techniques in spatio-temporal domain.

Non-contact Infant Sleep Apnea Detection
Gihan Jayatilaka*, Harshana Weligampola*, Suren Sritharan*, Pankayaraj Pathmanathan, Roshan Ragel, Isuru Nawinne
IEEE International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), 2019
preprint / github

Sleep apnea identification in infants through a video feed.

Teaching Experience
SLTC Teaching assistant, Programming fundamentals (ECS100), 2020.

Teaching assistant, Internet Technologies (CCS112), 2020.
UOP Volunteer Instructor, Logic Networks (CO221), 2020.

Volunteer Instructor, Computer architecture (CO224), 2020.
Other Service
coders_v8 Problem setter, ACES Coders v8.0, 2020

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